Are You Ready to Upsize Your Space?

With coronavirus, many are thinking of upsizing their home space. Are you? While upsizing is not for everyone, downsizing may no longer be the norm with more people working from home and children being schooled at home. Click here to learn if upsizing is right for YOU. (Looking to upsize your next home in Denver?Continue reading “Are You Ready to Upsize Your Space?”

Why the 20% Down Payment Isn’t Always the Best Option

“Everyone” knows you have to put 20% down when you purchase a home, right? Well, maybe not. In reality, there are a variety of options for down payments and it’s important to choose the best one for your home purchase scenario! Click the image above to learn the options you can choose from. (Looking toContinue reading “Why the 20% Down Payment Isn’t Always the Best Option”

Why is Home Buying a Key Personal Investment?

Whether you’re thinking about buying a mansion, a townhouse or even a small studio, buying a home is a key personal investment for your life and future! From the financial benefits of owning your own home to tax advantages and the opportunity to build inter-generational wealth, homeownership creates new positive financial habits and mindset withContinue reading “Why is Home Buying a Key Personal Investment?”

Should You List Your Home During the Holidays?

Are you still thinking or planning to sell your home this year? With the holidays right around the corner, you may be considering holding off until the New Year. But should you? Maybe not! With the delayed spring market due to COVID, record buyer demand and record-low interest rates, you should consider taking advantage ofContinue reading “Should You List Your Home During the Holidays?”

Student Loans vs Homebuying

Student loan debt in the United States is at an all-time record of $1.6 trillion. But with the right financial planning, you can still buy the home you want! In this week’s article, learn about properly managing your debt, saving for a down payment and your DTI (debt-to-income ratio). (Looking to buy a home inContinue reading “Student Loans vs Homebuying”

Long Distance Home Buying

Is there a long-distance move in your future? HOW are you going to find the right neighborhood and home at a distance? COVID-19 has actually made it easier with virtual home tours.   But, your FIRST STEP is to find the RIGHT Real Estate professional in your future city and together discuss your goals and needs.Continue reading “Long Distance Home Buying”

Join Me in the 4th Annual “Battle of the Realtors Sock Drive” in Denver!

Let’s ROCK the SOCKS for Denver’s homeless population! I can’t do it without YOUR support! Donations are accepted through October 31st. Just call me at 720-809-7611 or Email!

Get READY for the Hot Fall Market!

Traditionally, the Real Estate market is hottest in the springtime. BUT .. with the COVID-19 shutdowns this spring, many sellers cancelled their listings with a wait-and-see approach. Happily, that means an unusual HOT and ACTIVE Fall Market! Click the image above to learn exactly WHY the fall is the PERFECT time to go shopping for aContinue reading “Get READY for the Hot Fall Market!”

How to Craft a Winning Offer in a Competitive Market

Congratulations! You’ve found your “dream home” and are ready to put in your offer. Wait! Before you do, learn the strategies for crafting a winning offer in today’s competitive market. Demand is high, interest rates are at an all-time low and many houses are going under contract in just hours! Ensure YOUR offer stands outContinue reading “How to Craft a Winning Offer in a Competitive Market”

Why You Need a Real Estate Agent

Are you thinking about selling your home on your own? It can be tempting to go the FSBO route (For Sale by Owner), but should you? Hiring a professional and seasoned Real Estate agent can save you: Time Energy Extra stress AND Costly mistakes! Click on the image about to learn the 5 reasons whyContinue reading “Why You Need a Real Estate Agent”