Common Homebuying and Selling Faux Pas to Avoid

Faux Pas [foh-pah], a noun meaning a slip or blunder in etiquette, manners or conduct. And whether you are buying a home or selling your current home, there are plenty of ways to undermine the process! Including: By Buyers:~ Bad Buyer Behaviors;~ Disrespecting the property;~ Allowing Your Children to Play in the Home;~ Using criticismContinue reading “Common Homebuying and Selling Faux Pas to Avoid”

5 Summer Staging Tips

The summer season for Real Estate is here! June, July and August are known as the most seller-friendly months of the year! In today’s article offers the best staging tips for the summer housing market to entice potential homebuyers! Including: ~ Curb Appeal;~ Outdoor Spaces; and~ Brightening Up Indoor Spaces and more! Click below forContinue reading “5 Summer Staging Tips”

Find Your Home Style

What is your “home style?” BUT is it the right choice for YOU? In today’s article, check out the 10 most popular architectural home styles. Which one(s) resonate with you? From Craftsman to Modern or Contemporary to farmhouse, the right home style is waiting for you! Click below to find your home style. Click HEREContinue reading “Find Your Home Style”

The Pros and Cons of Buying Abandoned Property

In today’s fast-moving Real Estate market where properties are closed on in mere hours, buying a fixer-upper or even an abandoned property might be tempting with little inventory available. Especially when you may be able to buy it well below market value! BUT is it the right choice for YOU? Today’s article lays out theContinue reading “The Pros and Cons of Buying Abandoned Property”

6 Reasons to Turn DOWN An Offer on Your Home

Even in this crazy, rapidly-changing Real Estate market, not every offer is a “good” offer when it comes to selling your home! With today’s fast-paced market, most sellers receive many offers, but it’s important to pick the right one for you! Today’s article explains the 6 reasons WHY an offer should be turned down whenContinue reading “6 Reasons to Turn DOWN An Offer on Your Home”

How to Sell an Inherited House

If you’ve inherited a home, you probably have some decisions to make. Should you make it your new home? Should you rent it out? Or should you sell it? If you decide to sell an inherited home, you need to be aware of some unique situations during the sale. So make sure you retain theContinue reading “How to Sell an Inherited House”

Here’s Everything You Need to Disclose When Selling Your Home

When you sell your home, you must disclose property conditions according to state and federal regulations. While most home buyers will have a home inspection done, legally, as the home’s current owner you must disclose any known issues. The more common disclosures include: Lead Paint Repairs Water Damage Hazards and more. Click below to learnContinue reading “Here’s Everything You Need to Disclose When Selling Your Home”

Should You Buy Or Build a Home?

With the current shortage of homes for sale, it can be tempting to consider building a new home. But should you? In order to decide whether to hold out for the perfect home or to take the leap into building your own home, first consider the following when it comes to buying versus building aContinue reading “Should You Buy Or Build a Home?”

Should You Buy a House Before or After Marriage?

Owning a home is part of the dream for most couples. But should you buy a home before you walk down that aisle? Or should you wait until after? Before you decide, there are some critical things to take into consideration before saying “I Do” to a new home! Particularly when it comes to theContinue reading “Should You Buy a House Before or After Marriage?”

Build a Smarter Buyer Wish List

Searching for a new home is an exciting adventure!  But it’s important to define, especially in this seller’s market, what is critical on your “wish list” versus personal preferences. Paint colors, finishes and fixtures can all be changed to reflect your own personal taste. A “smarter” wish list evaluates items that either add VALUE (likeContinue reading “Build a Smarter Buyer Wish List”