5 Summer Staging Tips

The summer season for Real Estate is here! June, July and August are known as the most seller-friendly months of the year! In today’s article offers the best staging tips for the summer housing market to entice potential homebuyers! Including: ~ Curb Appeal;~ Outdoor Spaces; and~ Brightening Up Indoor Spaces and more! Click below forContinue reading “5 Summer Staging Tips”

How Single Women are Transforming the Real Estate Week!

Did you know that single women (18%) are surpassing single male (9%) home buyers? It’s true according to National Association of Realtors (NAR) in 2019. Why? “The desire to own a home of my own.” Selling a home? Learn 6 tips for making your home more appealing to women buyers in this article! Click here toContinue reading “How Single Women are Transforming the Real Estate Week!”

Buying and Selling in the Summer Season

With the stay-at-home orders from COVID-19, the Real Estate market got a late start this year. But with things slowing reopening, many new listings are being seen for the first time. How does this late Real Estate season differ from a traditional Spring market? This article will give you the best tips for both buyersContinue reading “Buying and Selling in the Summer Season”