Make Sure Your Community and HOA Are Right for You

More and more communities are utilizing an HOA to govern their neighborhoods. But, is an HOA right for YOU? HOA’s or Home Owners Associations dictate how your home and property must be maintained with specific rules, guidelines, limitations and restrictions. Violating these rules can result in fines or worse. Typically, people either love or hateContinue reading “Make Sure Your Community and HOA Are Right for You”

Deciphering the Code: 5 Ways That a New Zip Code Can Impact Your Move

Are you looking to move into a new town or community? Decipher your potential new zip code first! There are 5 specific details to know before you move into a new zip code including: Local laws, Community Bylaws and Condo/Homeowner Association Rules Local tax differences (including property tax and local income tax) Car Insurance Rates UtilitiesContinue reading “Deciphering the Code: 5 Ways That a New Zip Code Can Impact Your Move”

Are we Facing a Real Estate Bubble?

Are we headed for a Real Estate bubble with the current housing market? In today’s article, learn what a Real Estate bubble is and why the current situation is unlikely to create one in 2021 despite low inventory, historically low-interest rates and offers well-above asking prices.  If you’re thinking about selling or buying, it’s criticalContinue reading “Are we Facing a Real Estate Bubble?”

Out-of-the-Ordinary Home Sale Options

Owning your own home is part of the American Dream! But what happens if you find yourself challenged with financial issues? Knowing your potential options can help you make an informed decision that’s best for you and your future. Today’s article gives you the pros and cons for each option below: Short Sale Deed in LieuContinue reading “Out-of-the-Ordinary Home Sale Options”

Moving from the City to the Suburbs

Are you part of the shift from the city to the suburbs? As a direct – and unexpected – side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people and families are moving to more outdoor living, open space and increased privacy.  Before you make the move to the ‘burbs, read our latest article to get properlyContinue reading “Moving from the City to the Suburbs”

Finding a Pet Friendly Neighborhood

Neighborhoods are so important when you’re looking to move or buy a new home. Especially if you’re a dog or pet owner! Are there appropriate pet amenities in the neighborhood(s) you’re considering? Services like veterinary and emergency care, groomers, dog-friendly and off-leash parks and even pet-friendly stores? Today’s article offers the tips to keep in mindContinue reading “Finding a Pet Friendly Neighborhood”

Stuck in the Renting Rut

It’s a brand new year and time to see your goals and dreams come to fruition! Have you been thinking about buying a home and getting out of the renting rut? In order to build true wealth, you need to ditch the landlord and own your own piece of the American Dream! With a greatContinue reading “Stuck in the Renting Rut”

Does Home Ownership Fit the Bill?

Happy New Year! What have you resolved to get done this year? A new diet or exercise regimen? New habits or goals?  What about boosting your home’s value this year? As one of your biggest assets, increasing your home’s value offers the biggest financial impact on your future goals and dreams! Even better, increasing yourContinue reading “Does Home Ownership Fit the Bill?”

Does Home Ownership Fit the Bill?

As we move towards the New Year, resolutions and dreams, are you thinking about buying a new home? While buying a new home is exciting, it’s also a lot of added responsibilities especially financially! Before you take that leap, be sure to think through all the added costs and upkeep to make sure home ownershipContinue reading “Does Home Ownership Fit the Bill?”

Searching for Schools: Finding the Right Home in the Right District

Finding your next home in a desirable school district is invaluable whether you have kids or not! A high-quality school district can significantly boost your home’s value when it comes time to sell. Usually, quality schools mean quality neighborhoods. So when it comes time to sell, you can help ensure your home’s value doesn’t dramaticallyContinue reading “Searching for Schools: Finding the Right Home in the Right District”