Deciphering the Code: 5 Ways That a New Zip Code Can Impact Your Move

Are you looking to move into a new town or community?

Decipher your potential new zip code first!

There are 5 specific details to know before you move into a new zip code including:

  1. Local laws, Community Bylaws and Condo/Homeowner Association Rules
  2. Local tax differences (including property tax and local income tax)
  3. Car Insurance Rates
  4. Utilities Cost/Service: Sewer and water, trash and phone/internet
  5. Activity Levels: Inquire about noise and activity levels that may increase noise and decrease mobility. 

Knowing beforehand what to expect will help you make a well-rounded and informed decision on your next move! 

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Published by Shana Stokes Real Estate, Denver CO

Shana Stokes Real Estate LLC is a black woman-owned Real Estate business serving the Denver, Colorado metro area. I've been helping people in the Denver Real Estate market since 2003 as a property manager. In 2011 I became a Realtor and I began to specialize in helping first-time homebuyers, those relocating to the Denver area, property investors, active servicemen, women, and veterans make their Real Estate dreams and goals come true! I want to earn your business and become Your Realtor® for Life in Denver, Colorado!

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